libc++ Issaquah Status

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This page shows the status of the papers and issues that are expected to be adopted in Issaquah.

The groups that have contributed papers:

Paper Status

Paper #GroupPaper NameMeetingStatusFirst released version

Library Working group Issues Status

Issue #Issue NameMeetingStatus
2062Effect contradictions w/o no-throw guarantee of std::function swapsIssaquahNothing to do.
2166Heap property underspecified?Issaquah
2221No formatted output operator for nullptrIssaquahPatch ready
2223shrink_to_fit effect on iterator validityIssaquahNothing to do.
2261Are containers required to use their 'pointer' type internally?Issaquah
2394locale::name specification unclear - what is implementation-defined?IssaquahNothing to do.
2460LWG issue 2408 and value categoriesIssaquahNothing to do.
2468Self-move-assignment of library typesIssaquah
2475Allow overwriting of std::basic_string terminator with charT() to allow cleaner interoperation with legacy APIsIssaquahNothing to do.
2503multiline option should be added to syntax_option_typeIssaquah
2510Tag types should not be DefaultConstructibleIssaquah
2514Type traits must not be finalIssaquahNothing to do
2519Iterator operator-= has gratuitous undefined behaviourIssaquahNothing to do
2531future::get should explicitly state that the shared state is releasedIssaquah
2534Constrain rvalue stream operatorsIssaquah
2536What should <complex.h> do?IssaquahWe already do this
2540unordered_multimap::insert hint iteratorIssaquahWe already do this
2543LWG 2148 (hash support for enum types) seems under-specifiedIssaquahWe already do this
2544istreambuf_iterator(basic_streambuf* s) effects unclear when s is 0IssaquahWe already do this
2556Wide contract for future::share()IssaquahPatch ready
2562Consistent total ordering of pointers by comparison functorsIssaquah
2567Specification of logical operator traits uses BaseCharacteristic, which is defined only for UnaryTypeTraits and BinaryTypeTraitsIssaquahNothing to do.
2569conjunction and disjunction requirements are too strictIssaquahNothing to do.
2570[fund.ts.v2] conjunction and disjunction requirements are too strictIssaquah
2578Iterator requirements should reference iterator traitsIssaquahNothing to do
2584 ECMAScript IdentityEscape is ambiguousIssaquah
2589match_results can't satisfy the requirements of a containerIssaquahNothing to do
2591std::function's member template target() should not lead to undefined behaviourIssaquah
2598addressof works on temporariesIssaquahPatch ready
2664operator/ (and other append) semantics not useful if argument has rootIssaquahNothing to do
2665remove_filename() post condition is incorrectIssaquahSee Below
2672Should is_empty use error_code in its specification?IssaquahWe already do this
2678std::filesystem enum classes overspecifiedIssaquahNothing to do
2679Inconsistent Use of Effects and Equivalent ToIssaquahNothing to do
2680Add "Equivalent to" to filesystemIssaquahNothing to do
2681filesystem::copy() cannot copy symlinksIssaquahWe already do this
2682filesystem::copy() won't create a symlink to a directoryIssaquahImplemented in trunk
2686Why is std::hash specialized for error_code, but not error_condition?IssaquahPatch ready
2694Application of LWG 436 accidentally deleted definition of "facet"IssaquahNothing to do
2696Interaction between make_shared and enable_shared_from_this is underspecifiedIssaquah
2699Missing restriction in [numeric.requirements]Issaquah
2712copy_file(from, to, ...) has a number of unspecified error conditionsIssaquahImplemented in trunk
2722equivalent incorrectly specifies throws clauseIssaquahWe already do this
2729Missing SFINAE on std::pair::operator=Issaquah
2732Questionable specification of path::operator/= and path::appendIssaquahNothing to do
2733[fund.ts.v2] gcd / lcm and boolIssaquah
2735std::abs(short), std::abs(signed char) and others should return int instead of double in order to be compatible with C++98 and CIssaquah
2736nullopt_t insufficiently constrainedIssaquah
2738is_constructible with void typesIssaquahWe already do this
2739Issue with time_point non-member subtraction with an unsigned durationIssaquahPatch Ready
2740constexpr optional::operator->IssaquahWe already do this
2742Inconsistent string interface taking string_viewIssaquahPatch Ready
2744any's in_place constructorsIssaquahImplemented in trunk
2745[fund.ts.v2] Implementability of LWG 2451Issaquah
2747Possibly redundant std::move in [alg.foreach]IssaquahPatch ready
2748swappable traits for optionalsIssaquahWe already do this
2749swappable traits for variantsIssaquah
2750[fund.ts.v2] LWG 2451 conversion constructor constraintIssaquah
2752"Throws:" clauses of async and packaged_task are unimplementableIssaquah
2753Optional's constructors and assignments need constraintsIssaquahWe already do this
2754The in_place constructors and emplace functions added by P0032R3 don't require CopyConstructibleIssaquahWe already do this
2755[] uses non-existent basic_string_view::to_string functionIssaquahWe already do this
2756C++ WP optional should 'forward' T's implicit conversionsIssaquahImplemented in trunk
2758std::string{}.assign("ABCDE", 0, 1) is ambiguousWe already do this
2759gcd / lcm and bool for the WPIssaquahPatch ready
2760non-const basic_string::data should not invalidate iteratorsIssaquahNothing to do
2765Did LWG 1123 go too far?Issaquah
2767not_fn call_wrapper can form invalid typesIssaquahWe already do this
2768any_cast and move semanticsIssaquahResolved by LWG 2769
2769Redundant const in the return type of any_cast(const any&)IssaquahImplemented in trunk
2771Broken Effects of some basic_string::compare functions in terms of basic_string_viewIssaquahWe already do this
2773Making std::ignore constexprIssaquah
2777basic_string_view::copy should use char_traits::copyIssaquahPatch Ready
2778basic_string_view is missing constexprIssaquah

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Last Updated: 10-Oct-2016