Post-C++14 TS Implementation Status

In November 2014, the C++ standard committee approved the draft for the next version of the C++ standard, known as "C++1z" (probably to be C++17)

In addition, there are several "Technical Specifications", that consist of new features that are proposed, but not yet accepted for C++1z.

This page shows the status of libc++; the status of clang's support of the language features is here.

Technical Specifications

Paper NumberPaper TitleTS
4023C++ Extensions for Library FundamentalsLibrary Fundamentals 1
3940Technical Specification - File SystemFile System
4273Uniform Container Erasure.Library Fundamentals 2
4061Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple.Library Fundamentals 2
4257Delimited iterators.Library Fundamentals 2
4282The World's Dumbest Smart Pointer.Library Fundamentals 2

Features in Library Fundamentals 1

Feature NameStatus
Uses-allocator constructionNot started
Changes to std::shared_ptr and weak_ptrNot started
Additions to std::functionNot started
Additions to std::promiseNot started
Additions to std::packaged_taskNot started
Class erased_typeComplete
Calling a function with a tuple of argumentsComplete
Type traits (_v)Complete
Other type transformationsNot started
Compile-time Rational ArithmeticImplementation in progress
Time UtilitiesComplete
System Error SupportComplete
Class memory_resourceComplete
Class template polymorphic_allocatorComplete
Template alias resource_adaptorComplete
Global memory resourcesComplete
Pool resource classesImplementation in progress
Class monotonic_buffer_resourceImplementation in progress
Alias templates using polymorphic memory resourceComplete
Optional ObjectsInitial implementation complete
class anyComplete
memoryImplementation in progress
Algorithms libraryComplete

Features in Library Fundamentals 2

Feature NameStatus

Features in Filesystem

Feature NameStatusFirst released version
All featuresComplete3.9

Last Updated: 17-June-2016