path: root/usr.bin/sed/sed.1
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* Backport sed -E support (extended regex support).Alfred Perlstein2002-01-301-5/+13
* "back porting" sed(1) wording changes. (no modification needed actually)Bill Swingle2000-02-151-6/+10
* MFC: escape the ':' character and add $FreeBSD$ tagSteve Price1999-12-291-1/+2
* Remove local redefinition for err(). Add usage().Philippe Charnier1997-08-111-13/+13
* Show the real revision date and not the date that thisSteve Price1997-06-231-1/+1
* Add a missing '\' to some text.Mike Pritchard1997-03-121-1/+1
* Submitted by: Philippe CharnierAndreas Schulz1994-12-011-1/+1
* BSD 4.4 Lite Usr.bin SourcesRodney W. Grimes1994-05-271-0/+514