path: root/sys/dev/cxgbe/firmware/t6fw_cfg_uwire.txt
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* MFS r365937, which merged r365861 and r365872 from head to stable/12.Navdeep Parhar2020-09-211-4/+8
* MFC r355046, r355579, r355595, and r357793.Navdeep Parhar2020-03-131-9/+16
* MFC r340651, r343264, r343269, and r345083.Navdeep Parhar2019-03-271-4/+11
* cxgbe(4): Update all firmwares to Parhar2018-05-051-5/+8
* cxgbe(4): Update T6, T5, and T4 firmwares to Parhar2017-10-071-2/+7
* cxgbe(4): Update the T4, T5, and T6 firmwares to Parhar2017-05-231-26/+20
* cxgbe(4): Update T4, T5 and T6 firmwares to Changelog forNavdeep Parhar2017-01-031-8/+6
* cxgbe(4): Update firmwares from version to Parhar2016-12-061-4/+9
* cxgbe(4): Include firmware for T6 cards in the driver. Update allNavdeep Parhar2016-11-301-0/+583