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* Import parts of the ALTQ framework from latest KAME snapshot (which is up tovendor/altq/20040607vendor/altqMax Laier2004-06-1221-0/+14567
HEAD at this point). This will not exactly live in a vendor branch, but have the vendor backing to make it easier to exchange diffs. This will be followed by a diff which takes most of the .c files off the vendor branch in order to: - add locking - disable ALTQ3_COMPAT code (which is outdated and "un-lockable") There is work in progress to refine the configuration API. Import this "as is" now to have more exposure time before 5-STABLE. This is only the import, it will be some more days until you will actually be able to compile ALTQ support into your kernel so don't hold your breath. HEADUPs will be posted on current@ and net@ before this is actually enabled. No-objection: re(scottl), core(rwatson) Notes: svn path=/vendor-sys/altq/dist/; revision=130365 svn path=/vendor-sys/altq/20040607/; revision=130367; tag=vendor/altq/20040607