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* Latest timezone database from Arthur Olson. Updates in this round:Garrett Wollman2004-10-178-125/+379
* Update timezone data from Arthur Olson. Principal changes are more accurateGarrett Wollman2003-10-149-181/+331
* Update to latest drop from Arthur Olson and the gang.Garrett Wollman2003-04-288-191/+314
* Update from ADO to reflect changes in Brazil and absence ofGarrett Wollman2002-10-165-26/+122
* Latest zoneinfo from Arthur Olson. Among other things, this fixesGarrett Wollman2002-04-049-151/+307
* Add `Theory' file from tzcode which explains how and why zones are named.Garrett Wollman2001-11-091-0/+506
* Updated timezone database from Arthur Olson.vendor/tzdata/tzdata2001dGarrett Wollman2001-11-0910-166/+685
* Latest timezone database form Arthur Olson. This update includes changesvendor/tzdata/tzdata2001bGarrett Wollman2001-04-0611-297/+770
* ../changesvendor/tzdata/tzdata2000gGarrett Wollman2000-10-2510-68/+250
* Latest timezone updates from Arthur Olson. This update reflects changesvendor/tzdata/tzdata2000fGarrett Wollman2000-08-107-114/+182
* New timezone data.vendor/tzdata/tzdata2000dRuslan Ermilov2000-03-2911-1341/+1205
* New timezone data.vendor/tzdata/tzdata1999bGarrett Wollman1999-02-027-126/+267
* 1999a revision of timezone data from Arthur Olson and friends.Garrett Wollman1999-01-2114-778/+1176
* New version of the timezone database (1997i) from Arthur Olson.vendor/tzdata/tzdata1997iGarrett Wollman1997-10-2510-329/+364
* Latest timezone data file update. Changes are principallyvendor/tzdata/tzdata1996nGarrett Wollman1997-01-025-30/+95
* 1996 `L' release of timezone data files. Includes corrections for historicalvendor/tzdata/tzdata1996lGarrett Wollman1996-12-029-222/+647
* Latest timezone data files from Arthur OlsonGarrett Wollman1996-11-1910-1440/+2230
* New timezone data files from Arthur Olson. These files are inGarrett Wollman1996-07-176-324/+463
* Latest release of timezone data files.vendor/tzdata/tzdata96dGarrett Wollman1996-03-193-6/+12
* Latest rlelease of timezone data files.vendor/tzdata/tzdata96cGarrett Wollman1996-03-0213-405/+833
* Latest timezone data from Arthur David Olsonvendor/tzdata/tzdata95eGarrett Wollman1995-08-0410-195/+388
* Latest version of the timezone data files from Arthur David Olson, tovendor/tzdata/tzdata94fGarrett Wollman1994-09-1317-0/+6916