path: root/sbin/fsck/fsutil.h
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* various: general adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-271-1/+3
* Make fsck and fsck_msdosfs WARNS=6 cleanUlrich Spörlein2012-10-211-1/+1
* sbin/fsck: s/perror/perr/ to avoid shadowingUlrich Spörlein2012-10-211-7/+2
* Add the '-C' "check clean" flag. If the FS is marked clean, skip fileDavid E. O'Brien2009-01-301-0/+1
* Use __printflike() and __dead2 instead of hard-coded gccisms.Bruce Evans2003-12-271-6/+4
* Garbage-collected hotroot, rawname() and unrawname() again. TheseBruce Evans2003-12-271-3/+0
* fsck_msdosfs/main.c:Bruce Evans2003-12-271-2/+0
* Remove redundant declaration of the perror() function, it's provided by stdio.h.Tom Rhodes2003-10-291-1/+0
* o __P removedWarner Losh2002-03-201-20/+17
* Add support for running foreground (-F) and background (-B) checks.Kirk McKusick2001-04-251-5/+8
* This change sanitizes the way fsck deals with pass numbers.Poul-Henning Kamp2001-03-301-1/+1
* Reviewed by: rwatson, bpAdrian Chadd2000-10-091-0/+62