path: root/sbin/decryptcore/decryptcore.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* EKCD: Preload error strings, PRNG seed; use OAEP paddingConrad Meyer2020-04-231-0/+4
* decryptcore: load the nls dataMariusz Zaborski2020-04-111-0/+1
* EKCD: Add Chacha20 encryption modeConrad Meyer2019-05-231-2/+22
* Make decryptcore(8) buildable.Jung-uk Kim2018-09-191-8/+12
* Convert `cap_enter() < 0 && errno != ENOSYS` to `caph_enter() < 0`.Mariusz Zaborski2018-06-191-1/+2
* Don't decrypt a core if a vmcore file already exists by default.Konrad Witaszczyk2017-02-081-22/+36
* Fix bugs found by Coverity in decryptcore(8) and savecore(8):Konrad Witaszczyk2017-02-041-12/+12
* Add support for encrypted kernel crash dumps.Konrad Witaszczyk2016-12-101-0/+373