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* Update vendor/libarchive/dist to git fc6563f5130d8a7ee1fc27c0e55baef35119f26cvendor/libarchive/3.4.3Martin Matuska2020-05-201-0/+8
Libarchive 3.4.3 Relevant vendor changes: PR #1352: support negative zstd compression levels PR #1359: improve zstd version checking PR #1348: support RHT.security.selinux from GNU tar PR #1357: support for archives compressed with pzstd PR #1367: fix issues in acl tests PR #1372: child handling cleanup PR #1378: fix memory leak from passphrase callback Notes: svn path=/vendor/libarchive/dist/; revision=361280 svn path=/vendor/libarchive/3.4.3/; revision=361281; tag=vendor/libarchive/3.4.3