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* Import Heimdal 7.5.0.vendor/heimdal/7.5.0vendor/heimdalHiroki Sato2018-04-04840-62569/+195499
* Import upstream fix for CVE-2017-11103:Xin LI2017-07-121-2/+2
* - Update vendor tree of heimdal to 1.5.2.vendor/heimdal/1.5.2Stanislav Sedov2012-04-0827-91/+141
* - Update vendor tree of heimdal to 1.5.1.vendor/heimdal/1.5.1Stanislav Sedov2011-10-0832-15261/+35060
* - Import Heimdal 1.5 distribution.vendor/heimdal/1.5Stanislav Sedov2011-10-051509-52863/+406559
* - Kill files that do not belong to the laters heimdal version imported.Stanislav Sedov2011-09-2961-8736/+0
* - Disable keyword expansion on vendor heimdal code.Stanislav Sedov2011-09-291-1/+1
* - Flatten the vendor heimdal tree.Stanislav Sedov2011-09-29945-0/+253324