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* Add memalign(3), mostly for glibc compatibility.Konstantin Belousov2020-05-141-0/+3
* Clear namespace pollution in include/malloc_np.hKonstantin Belousov2020-05-121-15/+21
* include: General further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-251-0/+2
* Update jemalloc to 5.0.0.Jason Evans2017-06-151-19/+35
* Update jemalloc to 4.1.0.Jason Evans2016-02-291-0/+7
* Use bool rather than _Bool for C++ compatibility.Jason Evans2015-08-191-8/+8
* Fix minor malloc regressions.Jason Evans2015-08-191-7/+8
* Update jemalloc to version 4.0.0.Jason Evans2015-08-181-28/+29
* Update jemalloc to version 3.5.0.Jason Evans2014-01-231-0/+18
* Make the malloc(3) family of functions weak and make their non-weakMarcel Moolenaar2013-05-251-0/+12
* Fix a compilation error with some compilers: __attribute__Hartmut Brandt2012-05-221-6/+4
* Import jemalloc 9ef7f5dc34ff02f50d401e41c8d9a4a928e7c2aa (dev branch,Jason Evans2012-04-171-0/+27
* Add __{BEGIN,END}_DECLS macros, so that function prototypes remainJason Evans2006-06-301-0/+4
* Add malloc_usable_size(3).Jason Evans2006-03-281-0/+37