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* msun: add ld80/ld128 powl, cpow, cpowf, cpowl from openbsdMatt Macy2018-07-151-0/+4
* Add implementations for clog(3), clogf(3), and clog(3).Konstantin Belousov2018-05-131-0/+4
* include: General further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-251-0/+2
* Add new catrigl.c (r313761) APIs to include/complex.hMahdi Mokhtari2017-02-181-0/+12
* I'm happy to finally commit stephen@'s implementations of cacos,David Schultz2013-05-301-0/+12
* Add C11 macros CMPLX(), CMPLXF() and CMPLXL().Ed Schouten2013-05-251-0/+12
* Only use the static assertion when __generic is available.Ed Schouten2012-01-171-0/+3
* Remove redundant inclusion of <sys/cdefs.h>.Ed Schouten2012-01-051-2/+0
* Make _Complex_I a proper float _Complex when using GCC 4.2.Ed Schouten2012-01-051-1/+5
* Add c{cos,sin,tan}{,h}{,f} functions. This is joint work withDavid Schultz2011-10-171-1/+13
* Add missing declarations that I intended to commit with r219359.David Schultz2011-03-071-0/+2
* Implement cproj{,f,l}().David Schultz2008-08-071-0/+4
* Annotate creal(), cimag(), and conj() with __pure2.David Schultz2008-08-071-9/+10
* Implement csqrtl().David Schultz2008-03-301-0/+2
* Hook hypotl() and cabsl() up to the build.David Schultz2008-03-301-1/+2
* Implement and document csqrt(3) and csqrtf(3).David Schultz2007-12-151-1/+3
* Implement carg(3) and cargf(3).David Schultz2007-12-121-0/+2
* Stop defining '_Complex' in a C99 environment, it is supposed to be a keyword.Stefan Farfeleder2004-08-141-0/+2
* Use tabulators after '#define'.Stefan Farfeleder2004-08-141-5/+5
* Add implementations for cimag{,f,l}, creal{,f,l} and conj{,f,l}. They areStefan Farfeleder2004-05-301-6/+12
* Remove the macros for creal{,f} and cimag{,f}. They failed to convert theirStefan Farfeleder2004-05-301-7/+0
* Breath deep and take __P out of the system include files.Warner Losh2002-03-231-6/+6
* Added skeleton <complex.h> (aligned with the POSIX.1-200x), mostlyRuslan Ermilov2001-06-131-0/+60