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* Upgrade ENA HAL to the latest version (26/10/20)vendor/ena-com/2.3.0vendor/ena-comMarcin Wojtas2020-11-181-3/+32
* ena-com: Fix ena-com to allocate cdesc aligned to 4kvendor/ena-com/2.2.1Marcin Wojtas2020-11-181-0/+2
* Upgrade ENA HAL to the version from 20.04.2020vendor/ena-com/2.2.0Marcin Wojtas2020-05-261-207/+78
* Update ena-com for the ENAv2 versionvendor/ena-com/2.0.0Marcin Wojtas2019-05-301-17/+57
* Update ena-com HAL to newest versionvendor/ena-com/ Wojtas2017-10-311-1/+67
* Introduce HAL for Amazon Elastic Network Adapter (ENA)vendor/ena-com/ Bodek2017-04-271-0/+1054