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* MFC src/contrib/telnet/telnet.c 1.16: Correct buffer overflows inJacques Vidrine2005-03-281-6/+24
* Don't redefine OPENSSL_DES_LIBDES_COMPATIBILITY if it is alreadyJacques Vidrine2003-04-241-0/+2
* MFC OpenSSL 0.9.7Jacques Vidrine2003-02-148-37/+17
* MFC 1.4 src/crypto/kerberosIV/admin/adm_locl.h,Jacques Vidrine2003-02-1320-13/+32
* MFC kadm_ser_wrap.c: fix buffer overflowAssar Westerlund2002-10-231-2/+11
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RELENG_4'.cvs2svn2002-05-201-0/+1
* MFC: mdoc(ng) fixesAssar Westerlund2001-05-0822-145/+128
* Punt to attic stuff that is not used by us.Mark Murray2001-03-228-1371/+0
* MFC: 1.2: initialize pointers to NULL and sized to 0 to avoid free:ing invali...Assar Westerlund2001-03-121-8/+15
* MFC: Bring KerberosIV up to the latest-and-greatest bugfix level.Mark Murray2001-03-04106-1626/+3861
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RELENG_4'.cvs2svn2001-01-0213-0/+1383
* MFC: (tf_create): remove the overwriting of the old ticket fileAssar Westerlund2000-12-121-14/+0
* MFC: (kdc_reply_cipher): fix buffer over-runAssar Westerlund2000-12-121-0/+3
* RFC: remove (obsolete) support for environment variables.Assar Westerlund2000-12-121-25/+0
* MFC: Id -> FreeBSDJohn Baldwin2000-08-161-1/+1
* MFC: Missing format string bugs.Kris Kennaway2000-08-132-2/+2
* MFC: Fix setproctitle() vulnerability in non-compiled code.Kris Kennaway2000-08-131-3/+3
* MFC: merge in syslog fixes, do not call syslog with variabel as format stringAssar Westerlund2000-07-203-8/+14
* Replace structure copy form ifreq obtained by SIOCGIFADDRYoshinobu Inoue2000-03-031-1/+3
* Use libcrypto instead of libdes.Mark Murray2000-02-2415-15/+28
* freefall/internat diff reducerMark Murray2000-02-241-2/+0
* resolve conflicts.Mark Murray2000-01-095-336/+574
* This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r55643,Mark Murray2000-01-09358-4058/+14172
| * Clean import of KTH Kerberos (eBones) v1.0.Mark Murray2000-01-09363-4394/+14746
* | Merge anf fix for build.Mark Murray1999-09-1935-3041/+360
* | This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r51415,Mark Murray1999-09-19481-12270/+67276
| * Clean import of KTH krb4-0.10.1.Mark Murray1999-09-19487-12770/+67597
* | Remove a work-around for an assembler bug that has been fixed sinceJohn Polstra1998-08-311-4/+1
* | Fix nasty typo that randomly caused kinit to not properly deduce theMark Murray1998-03-291-2/+2
* | Make the ticket filename the same as for our old eBones. I am going toMark Murray1998-02-161-1/+1
* | Bring back the old behaviour of kinit; if no username is mentioned onMark Murray1998-02-161-7/+35
* | kinit(1) and its man page do not agre on what is reported with -v. Fix this.Mark Murray1997-11-252-3/+4
* | Sort cross refereces in section SEE ALSO.Wolfram Schneider1997-09-293-9/+9
* | FreeBSD's original passwd helper is needed here.Mark Murray1997-09-211-0/+228
* | FreeBSD specific schanges - mainly religious issues about where to putMark Murray1997-09-046-22/+36
* Initial import of KTH eBones. This has been cleaned up to only includevendor/kerberosIV/0.9.6Mark Murray1997-09-04368-0/+82832