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* MFC src/contrib/telnet/telnet.c 1.16: Correct buffer overflows inJacques Vidrine2005-03-281-6/+24
* MFC: Heimdal 0.5.1Jacques Vidrine2002-12-018-137/+151
* MFC: Update Heimdal Kerberos to 0.5 around 2002/09/16.Jacques Vidrine2002-09-204-11/+15
* MFC: Update Heimdal Kerberos to pre-0.5 around 2002/08/29.Jacques Vidrine2002-09-0118-578/+730
* MFC: Update Heimdal Kerberos to 0.4e around 2002/02/17.Jacques Vidrine2002-04-3036-774/+1087
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RELENG_4'.cvs2svn2001-06-252-0/+1015
* mdoc(ng) fixesAssar Westerlund2001-05-082-52/+45
* MFC: Heimdal 0.3e (MIT mucho-compatible) upgrade.Mark Murray2001-03-0427-866/+944
* Vendor import of Heimdal 0.2ovendor/heimdal/0.2oMark Murray2000-02-242-2/+7
* Vendor import of Heimdal 0.2nvendor/heimdal/0.2nMark Murray2000-02-2455-0/+27541