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* Update vendor/libarchive to git 92366744a52f3fa83c3899e375e415a5080a05f2Martin Matuska2017-09-301-1/+2
* Update vendor/libarchive/dist to git commit 61c56e5 (post 3.2.0)vendor/libarchive/3.2.0Martin Matuska2016-05-111-0/+4
* Update libarchive's vendor dist to version 3.1.2 from release branch.Martin Matuska2013-03-211-1/+7
* Update libarchive's vendor dist to version 3.0.4 from release branch.vendor/libarchive/3.0.4Martin Matuska2012-07-271-3/+1
* Update vendor libarchive dist to new "release" branch (post 3.0.3)Martin Matuska2012-02-081-4/+4
* Update to vendor revision 3982Martin Matuska2011-12-261-0/+2
* Vendor import of libarchive (release/2.8, r3824)Martin Matuska2011-12-201-0/+109