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* Merge from the main BK repository for ntp: put two midly annoying messagesOllivier Robert2004-12-061-2/+7
* The following patch has been taken from the ntp-stable vendor branch.Ollivier Robert2004-07-221-14/+59
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.2.0Ollivier Robert2004-07-20380-17509/+97074
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.1.1bOllivier Robert2002-11-0440-5211/+14599
* Remove files not present in 4.1.1a import.vendor/ntp/4.1.1aOllivier Robert2002-10-2925-3978/+0
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.1.1aOllivier Robert2002-10-2992-9779/+16578
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.1.0Ollivier Robert2001-08-29266-23421/+44394
* Fix potential alignement problems on Alpha + IPv6.Ollivier Robert2000-03-031-1/+1
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.0.99bOllivier Robert2000-01-28119-5245/+13310
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.0.98fvendor/ntp/4.0.98fOllivier Robert1999-12-09483-0/+150243