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* Fix multiple vulnerabilities in sqlite3.Gordon Tetlow2020-08-051-6847/+11401
* MFC r354269:Cy Schubert2019-12-031-3958/+5233
* MFC r350103:Cy Schubert2019-08-311-3103/+4014
* MFC r347139:Cy Schubert2019-05-081-3666/+4705
* MFC r346459:Cy Schubert2019-05-011-182/+170
* MFC r345996:Cy Schubert2019-04-201-3762/+5078
* MFC r333352 & r342183:Cy Schubert2018-12-211-11962/+28062
* MFC: r322386 Update private sqlite3-3.14.1 to sqlite3-3.20.0.Peter Wemm2017-08-121-8795/+15358
* MFC r304747:Cy Schubert2016-08-291-3428/+11994
* Import sqlite3 3.12.1Baptiste Daroussin2016-04-171-7997/+35678
* Update the private sqlite3 from 3.8.9 to (used by svnlite andPeter Wemm2015-08-091-4955/+11945
* sqlite: clean a couple of invocations of memcpy(3)Pedro F. Giffuni2015-07-161-2/+2
* Import sqlite3 3.8.9Baptiste Daroussin2015-05-011-2731/+5676
* Update sqlite3 to Daroussin2014-11-221-4531/+8437
* Update sqlite-3.7.17 -> 3.8.5Peter Wemm2014-08-121-15026/+22352
* Introduce svnlite so that we can check out our source code again.Peter Wemm2013-06-181-0/+140456