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* Fix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp.releng/9.3Xin LI2016-12-2221-161/+241
* Fix multiple ntp vulnerabilities.Xin LI2016-06-0424-72/+210
* Fix ntp multiple vulnerabilities.Xin LI2016-04-2916-43/+56
* Fix BIND remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-16:08]Xin LI2016-01-2737-397/+500
* o Fix invalid TCP checksums with pf(4). [EN-16:02.pf]Gleb Smirnoff2016-01-1424-82/+135
* Upgrade NTP to 4.2.8p4.Gleb Smirnoff2015-10-26430-31213/+215355
* Merge 4.2.4p8 into contrib (r200452 & r200454).Ollivier Robert2009-12-1512-20871/+6264
* | Merge ntpd & friends 4.2.4p5 from vendor/ntp/dist into head. Next commitOllivier Robert2008-08-2273-2084/+58807
| * Flatten the dist and various 4.n.n trees in preparation of future ntp imports.Ollivier Robert2008-08-1720-14869/+0
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.2.0Ollivier Robert2004-07-2020-0/+14869