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* [SA-14:31] Fix multiple vulnerabilities in NTP suite.releng/9.1Dag-Erling Smørgrav2014-12-231-0/+1
* Merge ntpd & friends 4.2.4p5 from vendor/ntp/dist into head. Next commitOllivier Robert2008-08-221-1215/+1457
| * Flatten the dist and various 4.n.n trees in preparation of future ntp imports.Ollivier Robert2008-08-171-3208/+0
| * Virgin import of ntpd 4.2.0Ollivier Robert2004-07-201-1071/+1490
| * Virgin import of ntpd 4.1.1aOllivier Robert2002-10-291-6/+3
| * Virgin import of ntpd 4.1.0Ollivier Robert2001-08-291-986/+1573
| * Virgin import of ntpd 4.0.99bOllivier Robert2000-01-281-230/+270
* | Revert this file to the vendor version, we don't need to have our ownOllivier Robert2004-07-201-1072/+1489
* | Merge conflicts.Ollivier Robert2002-10-291-6/+3
* | Merge after 4.1.0 import.Ollivier Robert2001-08-291-986/+1573
* | Merge conflicts with the import of 4.0.99b.Ollivier Robert2000-01-281-229/+269
* | Commit a fix several warnings on alpha for sysctlbyname arguments. It couldOllivier Robert1999-12-091-1/+3
* Virgin import of ntpd 4.0.98fvendor/ntp/4.0.98fOllivier Robert1999-12-091-0/+2165