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* Import of 1.11 branch snapshot - using the 10-March-2008 code base.vendor/misc-GNU/cvsDavid E. O'Brien2008-03-1927-793/+2024
* Import cvs-1.11.22 onto vendor branch.David E. O'Brien2008-01-1368-2037/+6072
* Import cvs-1.11.17 onto vendor branch.Peter Wemm2004-06-1015-130/+522
* The previous commit broke compatibility with certain buggy third-partyDag-Erling Smørgrav2004-05-201-2/+40
* Fix a couple of parser bugs.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2004-05-191-2/+2
* Import cvs-1.11.15Peter Wemm2004-04-1571-5677/+12042
* Incorporate two security fixes from later versions of CVS.Jacques Vidrine2004-01-212-4/+30
* This file is gone on the vendor branch and no longer referenced in thePeter Wemm2003-01-211-79/+0
* Import cvs-1.11.5 onto vendor branchPeter Wemm2003-01-2128-137/+223
* Import cvs- as of 2002/12/01 onto vendor branch. This fixes allPeter Wemm2002-12-0245-1586/+1919
* Import cvs-1.11.2 onto vendor branchPeter Wemm2002-09-0244-1381/+4381
* Fix the HAVE_KERBEROS case. It seems somebody got carried awayPeter Wemm2001-08-201-2/+2
* Generate version.c on the fly rather than using a generated file.Peter Wemm2001-08-101-86/+0
* Get the version source from the (more) correct place.Peter Wemm2001-08-101-526/+0
* Remove file obsoleted in 1.11.1p1 importPeter Wemm2001-08-101-764/+0
* Import cvs-1.11.1p1 onto vendor branchPeter Wemm2001-08-1055-4172/+9974
* Import cvs-1.11 onto vendor branch.Peter Wemm2000-10-0249-2331/+4505
* Import cvs-1.10.7. There are a number of nasty bugs that have been fixed.Peter Wemm1999-12-1156-1960/+10118
* Import cvs-1.10 onto vendor branch. Merge to follow shortly.Peter Wemm1999-03-1834-729/+4084
* Import cvs-1.9.26 onto vendor branchPeter Wemm1998-03-1041-2638/+6373
* Import cvs-1.9.24 since it came quite soon after the snapshot that wasPeter Wemm1998-01-3010-18/+387
* Import cvs-1.9.23 as at 19980123. There are a number of really nicePeter Wemm1998-01-2666-5080/+20222
* Import cvs-1.9.10Peter Wemm1997-06-2224-173/+957
* Import a slightly newer version of 1.9.9 (as at 970523) that has fixed aPeter Wemm1997-05-2325-50/+141
* Import of cvs-1.9.9-970515 onto vendor branch.Peter Wemm1997-05-1570-9845/+28568
* Import of slightly trimmed cvs-1.8 distribution. Generated filesPeter Wemm1996-08-2071-0/+47565