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* Fix BIND named(8) cache poisoning with DNSSEC validation.Simon L. B. Nielsen2010-01-065-31/+67
* MFC the 9.4.3-P2 updateDoug Barton2009-03-211-12/+67
* MFC the BIND 9.4.3 and 9.4.3-P1 updatesDoug Barton2009-01-1031-801/+1899
* MFC the BIND 9.4.2-P2 updateDoug Barton2008-11-146-22/+55
* Improve randomization in BIND to prevent response spoofing.Colin Percival2008-07-134-492/+283
* MFC contrib code and bmake changes for BIND version 9.4.2Doug Barton2007-12-0727-257/+761
* Vendor import of 9.4.1-P1, which has fixes for the following:Doug Barton2007-07-252-51/+457
* Vendor import of BIND 9.4.1Doug Barton2007-06-02267-6203/+19584
* Vendor import of BIND 9.3.4Doug Barton2007-01-294-13/+82
* Remove from the vendor branch files that are no longer in theDoug Barton2006-12-102-314/+0
* Vendor import of BIND 9.3.3Doug Barton2006-12-1047-506/+1550
* Update to version 9.3.2-P2, which addresses the vulnerabilityDoug Barton2006-11-042-6/+57
* Vendor import of BIND 9.3.2-P1, which addresses the following securityDoug Barton2006-09-061-22/+29
* Vendor import of BIND 9.3.2Doug Barton2005-12-2925-603/+850
* Update the vendor branch with a patch to this file that wasDoug Barton2005-08-181-2/+4
* Remove files from the vendor branch that were [re]moved in 9.3.1Doug Barton2005-03-1723-5605/+0
* Vendor import of BIND 9.3.1Doug Barton2005-03-1735-152/+5871
* Vender import of BIND 9.3.0rc4.Tom Rhodes2004-09-19258-0/+105360