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* Import zlib (trimmed).vendor/zlib/ LI2010-04-1211-47/+92
* Import zlib beta (trimmed)vendor/zlib/ LI2010-03-3114-60/+67
* Remove unused part of contributed code.Xin LI2010-03-222-2525/+0
* Vendor import of zlib 1.2.4 (trimmed).vendor/zlib/1.2.4Xin LI2010-03-1542-2309/+9953
* Flattern zlib vendor tree.Xin LI2010-02-2331-0/+0
* Vendor import of ZLib 1.2.3.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2006-03-2323-215/+1006
* ZLib 1.2.2Tim Kientzle2005-04-2416-135/+246
* Remove files that are no longer present in the zlib distribution fromTim J. Robbins2004-07-019-1143/+0
* Import zlib 1.2.1 (trimmed)Tim J. Robbins2004-06-3029-2214/+5639
* Import zlib 1.1.4 onto the vendor branch.Brian Feldman2002-03-1130-137/+185
* Import zlib 1.1.4 onto the vendor branch.Brian Feldman2002-03-112-0/+134
* Import zlib 1.1.3 onto the vendor branch.Peter Wemm1999-01-1021-235/+697
* Initial import of zlib-1.1.1Steve Price1998-02-2831-715/+2404
* Official patch from infozipAndrey A. Chernov1997-09-232-20/+31
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'VENDOR-libz'.cvs2svn1996-08-181-0/+35
* Initial import of zlib-1.0.4Peter Wemm1996-08-1828-0/+7999