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* Vendor import EAY's LIBSSL to fix comments, etc.vendor/ssleayMark Murray1999-09-041-5/+5
* Drat. Import this into the right place. Pass me the pointy hat.Mark Murray1999-09-011-0/+508
* Next version from the author - from SSLeay.0.6.3Mark Murray1996-08-104-3/+67
* Rats. Just when a piece of code is nice and stable, the author has toMark Murray1996-07-2913-11/+208
* Latest libdes from Eric Young. Mainly code beautification.Mark Murray1996-07-2846-412/+689
* This is the long-awaited new DES library. Over the next couple of daysvendor/ssleay/des_051aMark Murray1996-02-1069-0/+11769