Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Import sendmail 8.11.2Gregory Neil Shapiro2001-01-2178-925/+2405
* Import of sendmail version 8.11.1 into vendor branch SENDMAIL withGregory Neil Shapiro2000-10-0179-687/+1529
* Import of sendmail version 8.11.0 into vendor branch SENDMAIL withGregory Neil Shapiro2000-08-12312-19224/+52126
* Apply the sendmail 8.9.3 denial-of-service patch which prevents untrustedPeter Wemm1999-11-251-0/+12
* Import sendmail 8.9.3 onto vendor branch, replacing previous interimPeter Wemm1999-02-0737-291/+526
* Check the patch obtained from sendmail.org for the header denial-of-servicevendor/sendmail/8.9.2-headerPeter Wemm1999-01-246-1/+80
* Import sendmail-8.9.2 onto vendor branch (update from 8.9.1)Peter Wemm1999-01-12312-996/+3462
* Import sendmail-8.9.1 (slightly trimmed) onto a fresh branch undervendor/sendmail/8.9.1Peter Wemm1998-08-03514-23854/+25139
* Import sendmail-8.8.8Peter Wemm1997-11-1030-296/+586
* Import sendmail-8.8.7 onto vendor branch.Peter Wemm1997-08-0440-587/+1452
* Import sendmail-8.8.6Peter Wemm1997-06-2778-1939/+4627
* Import sendmail 8.8.5. See RELEASE_NOTES for changes.Peter Wemm1997-01-2733-265/+857
* Import sendmail 8.8.4. See RELEASE_NOTES for changes.Peter Wemm1996-12-0338-446/+1201
* Import sendmail-8.8.3 - this contains the official fix to replace thePeter Wemm1996-11-1833-603/+1734
* Import sendmail-8.8.2 onto the vendor branchPeter Wemm1996-10-24131-2686/+9344
* Import of sendmail-8.7.6Peter Wemm1996-09-1924-356/+765
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'SENDMAIL'.cvs2svn1996-08-211-0/+76
* Import sendmail-8.7.5 onto the vendor branch.Peter Wemm1996-03-133-5/+10
* Update to sendmail-8.7.4. This fixes a DNS related security vulnerabilty.vendor/sendmail/8.7.4Peter Wemm1996-02-225-15/+42
* Import sendmail-8.7.3. One small but important bugfix.Peter Wemm1995-12-0370-94/+6503
* Import Sendmail-8.7.2 as discussed on -current.vendor/sendmail/8.7.2Peter Wemm1995-12-02158-0/+76442