Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Vendor import from OpenBSD tag OPENBSD_5_3 as of today.vendor/netcat/5.3Xin LI2013-04-151-3/+1
* Vendor import from OpenBSD 5.1.vendor/netcat/5.2Xin LI2012-10-223-22/+59
* Vendor import of netcat as of OPENBSD_5_1.vendor/netcat/5.1Xin LI2012-05-042-41/+131
* Import nc from OpenBSD 5.0.vendor/netcat/5.0Xin LI2011-12-261-2/+2
* Import nc from OpenBSD 4.9.vendor/netcat/4.9Xin LI2011-05-114-44/+123
* Import nc from OpenBSD's OPENBSD_4_8 as of today.vendor/netcat/4.8Xin LI2010-10-183-35/+34
* Import nc from OpenBSD's OPENBSD_4_7 as of today.vendor/netcat/4.7Xin LI2010-03-232-21/+27
* Vendor import of netcat as of OPENBSD_4_6.vendor/netcat/4.6Xin LI2010-01-192-6/+30
* Vendor import of netcat as of OPENBSD_4_5.vendor/netcat/4.5Xin LI2009-05-282-9/+10
* Vendor import of netcat from OPENBSD_4_4vendor/netcat/4.4Xin LI2008-09-273-6/+47
* Remove left-off contrib directory.Xin LI2008-09-270-0/+0
* Flatten all tags of the dist tree of netcat.Xin LI2008-09-275-0/+0
* Import netcat as of today's OPENBSD_4_3 snapshot.vendor/netcat/4.3Xin LI2008-04-213-15/+26
* Import netcat as of today's OPENBSD_4_1 snapshot.vendor/netcat/4.1Xin LI2007-03-283-30/+29
* Import netcat from OpenBSD 3.9-RELEASE.vendor/netcat/3.9Xin LI2006-05-215-192/+393
* Import a (stripped) snapshot of OpenBSD's nc(1) an excellentvendor/netcat/20050204Xin LI2005-02-044-0/+1480