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* Import LOMAC preliminary release 2.0.0 in src/sys/security. These files mayvendor/lomac/2.2.0vendor/lomacBrian Feldman2001-11-1930-388/+525
| | | | | | | | | | | | be modified and do not have to remain on the vendor branch. http://opensource.nailabs.com/lomac/index.html Sponsored by: DARPA, NAI Labs (CBOSS project) Notes: svn path=/cvs2svn/branches/NAILabs/; revision=86629 svn path=/cvs2svn/tags/LOMAC_2_2_0/; revision=86631; tag=vendor/lomac/2.2.0
* Initial import of the LOMAC (Low-Watermark Mandatory Access Control)vendor/lomac/2.0.0Brian Feldman2001-11-1927-0/+6577
module port to FreeBSD. Obtained from: NAI Labsx Notes: svn path=/vendor-sys/lomac/dist/; revision=86567 svn path=/vendor-sys/lomac/2.0.0/; revision=86569; tag=vendor/lomac/2.0.0