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* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tagvendor/libpcap/0.9.8cvs2svn2007-10-167-2123/+0
* Import of libpcap v0.9.8Max Laier2007-10-1634-3478/+5892
* Import of libpcap v0.9.4Sam Leffler2006-09-0429-381/+4246
* correct dlt buffer alloc; this goes on the vendor branch as itSam Leffler2006-01-161-1/+1
* Virgin import of libpcap v0.9.1 (release) from tcpdump.orgSam Leffler2005-07-1138-730/+2803
* Virgin import of libpcap v0.9.1 (alpha 096) from tcpdump.orgSam Leffler2005-05-2953-1344/+7271
* Import libpcap 0.8.3, from http://www.tcpdump.org/releases/libpcap-0.8.3.tar.gzBruce M Simpson2004-03-3164-3499/+16463
* Commit tcpdump.org's multi-DLT support to vendor branch.Bill Fenner2003-01-267-1/+113
* Import libpcap 0.7.1, fromBill Fenner2002-06-2142-949/+4511
* Virgin import of tcpdump.org libpcap v0.6.2Bill Fenner2001-04-0351-1316/+6255
* Import rev 1.26 of tcpdump.org's inet.c -- don't freeBill Fenner2000-07-201-2/+3
* Import of updated file for 0.5 releaseBill Fenner2000-03-041-5/+15
* Virgin import of tcpdump.org libpcap v0.5Bill Fenner2000-01-3042-210/+1629
* Virgin import of LBL libpcap v0.4Bill Fenner1998-09-1525-379/+1140
* Virgin import of libpcap 0.3Bill Fenner1997-05-2737-469/+1619
* Virgin import of LBL libpcap version 0.2.1.vendor/libpcap/0.2.1Paul Traina1996-08-1944-0/+15504