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* Update libarchive's dist to latest changes in release branchMartin Matuska2012-02-0932-146/+192
* Update vendor libarchive dist to new "release" branch (post 3.0.3)Martin Matuska2012-02-08509-14939/+133197
* Update to vendor revision 4183vendor/libarchive/2.8Martin Matuska2012-01-291-0/+13
* Update to vendor revision 4016Martin Matuska2011-12-271-3/+3
* Update to vendor revision 3982Martin Matuska2011-12-2637-264/+552
* Set svn:eol-style property to native for all text files in vendor/libarchiveMartin Matuska2011-12-210-0/+0
* Vendor import of libarchive (release/2.8, r3824)Martin Matuska2011-12-20397-0/+108328