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* Import gdtoa sources dated 2008-12-05. Notable changes include a fixvendor/gdtoa/20081205David Schultz2009-01-2831-141/+1900
* Import the latest gdtoa sources from the vendor, dated 2008-08-31.vendor/gdtoa/20080831David Schultz2008-09-0314-96/+278
* Flatten vendor/gdtoa/* harder.David Schultz2008-09-0385-0/+0
* Flatten vendor/gdtoa/*.David Schultz2008-09-0385-0/+0
* Import of the latest gdtoa sources, which include fixes for minorvendor/gdtoa/20050923David Schultz2007-01-0365-960/+1235
* Import gdtoa 20040118. This revision addresses some corner cases invendor/gdtoa/20040118David Schultz2004-01-193-12/+16
* Import new sources. The only material change in this update is tovendor/gdtoa/20030324David Schultz2003-03-256-33/+23
* Import gdtoa sources dated 20030318, which contain several locale fixes.vendor/gdtoa/20030318David Schultz2003-03-195-51/+29
* Initial import of David Gay's gdtoa library for conversion betweenvendor/gdtoa/20030305David Schultz2003-03-1283-0/+24573