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* Update to ficl 4.1.0 (latest release on sourceforge)vendor/ficl/4.1.0vendor/ficlPedro F. Giffuni2015-05-12140-22541/+35791
| | | | | Notes: svn path=/vendor/ficl/dist/; revision=282803 svn path=/vendor/ficl/4.1.0/; revision=282804; tag=vendor/ficl/4.1.0
* Bring ficl to the vendor area.vendor/ficl/3.0.3Pedro F. Giffuni2015-05-1273-0/+25890
We currently use ficl3 in ~sys/boot/ficl but it has a bunch of local changes. WWW: http://ficl.sourceforge.net/ Discussed with: dteske, mr Notes: svn path=/vendor/ficl/dist/; revision=282801 svn path=/vendor/ficl/3.0.3/; revision=282802; tag=vendor/ficl/3.0.3