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* Import some bmake glue for bind-4.9.4-p1.vendor/bind4Peter Wemm1996-08-2915-0/+328
* Import named-4.9.3-patch1Peter Wemm1996-01-224-5/+2825
* Part of bind-4.9.3-rel.. This is for my convenience and reference.Peter Wemm1996-01-077-0/+3409
* Import more of bind-4.9.3-REL (part 2 of several)Peter Wemm1996-01-073-9/+46
* At last.. :-) Import of bind-4.9.3-REL. (part 1 of several)Peter Wemm1996-01-0728-956/+1299
* Import tools from bind-4.9.3-beta26 (update beta24)Peter Wemm1995-10-236-12/+387
* Import nslookup from bind-4.9.3-beta26 (update from beta24)Peter Wemm1995-10-231-1/+11
* Import BIND-4.9.3-beta26, replacing the older beta24.Peter Wemm1995-10-2314-150/+390
* Import the missing man page for the new command "ndc" to finish thePeter Wemm1995-08-201-0/+127
* Update 4.9.3.beta9p1 -> 4.9.3-beta24Peter Wemm1995-08-2013-81/+272
* Update 4.9.3.beta9p1 -> 4.9.3-beta24Peter Wemm1995-08-201-155/+297
* Update 4.9.3.beta9p1 -> 4.9.3-beta24Peter Wemm1995-08-203-9/+77
* Import of Bind-4.9.3-beta24Peter Wemm1995-08-2031-1324/+3390
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'VIXIE'.cvs2svn1994-09-227-0/+1296
* nslookup(8) from BIND 4.9.3BETA9pl1Paul Traina1994-09-2212-0/+5531
* host(1) from BIND 4.9.3BETA9pl1Paul Traina1994-09-222-0/+1665
* dig(1) from BIND 4.9.3BETA9pl1Paul Traina1994-09-222-0/+1549
* NAMED from BIND 4.9.3 BETA9 pl1 (no local changes)vendor/bind4/4.9.3b9-p1Paul Traina1994-09-2238-0/+18802