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* Latest-and-greatest routed.vendor/SGI/vjs_990324vendor/SGI/v_2_17Mark Murray1999-05-0220-1328/+1900
* Quoth Vern:vendor/SGI/vjs_970104Garrett Wollman1997-01-062-24/+25
* Latest version of routed from Vern Schryver. This one reallyvendor/SGI/vjs_970102Garrett Wollman1997-01-021-1/+1
* Latest routed from Vern Schryver. This is supposed to fixvendor/SGI/vjs_961217Garrett Wollman1996-12-178-68/+69
* New version of Vern's routed. This includes more byte-order fixes,vendor/SGI/vjs_961211Garrett Wollman1996-12-1114-497/+668
* Last import was botched. Fix it.vendor/SGI/vjs_961119Garrett Wollman1996-11-193-5/+348
* Latest version of SGI routed courtesy of Vern Schryver. This versionGarrett Wollman1996-11-1916-960/+2403
* Virgin import of new BSD/SGI routed. This update contains a numbervendor/SGI/vjs_960912Garrett Wollman1996-09-1621-330/+377
* Latest version of routed from Vern Schryver @ SGI. This version fixes theGarrett Wollman1996-08-2716-336/+662
* The latest and greatest routed from Vern Schryver. This version includesGarrett Wollman1996-07-2215-1825/+2403
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'SGI'.cvs2svn1996-07-221-0/+159
* SGI's version of routed(8), including support for router discovery,Garrett Wollman1996-05-3019-0/+10233