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+<TITLE>Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data</TITLE>
+<H1>Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data</H1>
+@(#)WWW.htm 7.16
+<H2>Paul Eggert writes:</H2><P>
+The public-domain tz database contains code and data
+that represent the history of local time
+for many representative locations around the globe.
+It is updated periodically to reflect changes made by political bodies
+to UTC offsets and daylight-saving rules.
+This database (often called <samp>zoneinfo</samp>)
+is used by several implementations,
+including BSD, DJGPP, GNU/Linux, HP-UX, IRIX, Solaris, and UnixWare.
+In the tz database's
+<A HREF="ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/">FTP distribution</A>,
+the code is in the file <samp>tzcode<var>C</var>.tar.gz</samp>,
+where <samp><var>C</var></samp> is the code's version;
+similarly, the data are in <samp>tzdata<var>D</var>.tar.gz</samp>,
+where <samp><var>D</var></samp> is the data's version.
+The <A HREF="ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/GETTING.GNU.SOFTWARE">GNU C Library</A>
+has an independent, thread-safe implementation of
+a time zone file reader.
+This library is freely available under the GNU Library General Public License,
+and is widely used in GNU/Linux systems.
+The Web has several other sources for time zone and daylight saving time data.
+Here are some recent links that may be of interest.
+<LI><A HREF="http://www.bsdi.com/date">Date and Time Gateway</A>
+is a text-based source for tables of current time throughout the world.
+Its point-and-click interface accesses a recent version of the tz data.
+<LI><A HREF="http://www.worldtime.com/">WORLDTIME: interactive atlas,
+time info, public holidays</A>
+contains information on local time, sunrise and sunset,
+and public holidays in several hundred cities around the world.
+<LI><A HREF="http://www.hilink.com.au/times/">Local Times Around the World</A>
+is a text-based system containing links to local time servers
+throughout the world; though the coverage is limited,
+the live data provide a nice way to check one's tables.
+<LI><A HREF="http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/tzones.html">World Time Zones</A>
+contains US Naval Observatory data, used as the source
+for the <samp>usno*</samp> files.
+<LI>The United States Central Intelligence agency publishes time zone maps;
+<A HREF="http://www.lib.utexas.edu/Libs/PCL/Map_collection/world_maps.html">
+Perry-Casta&ntilde;eda Library Map Collection</A>
+of the University of Texas at Austin has on-line copies of
+the 1995 and 1997 editions.
+The pictorial quality is good,
+but the maps do not indicate summer time,
+and parts of the data are a few years out of date.
+<LI><A HREF="http://pisolo.cstv.to.cnr.it/toi/uk/toi.html">The
+Time of Internet</A>
+contains good descriptions of Time Zones and daylight saving time,
+with diagrams.
+The time zone map is out of date, however.
+<LI><A HREF="http://ecco.bsee.swin.edu.au/chronos/GMT-explained.html">A
+Few Facts Concerning GMT, UT, and the RGO</A>
+answers questions like ``What is the difference between GMT and UTC?''
+<LI><A HREF="http://www.energy.ca.gov/daylightsaving.html">Daylight
+Saving Time -- Saving Time, Saving Energy</A>
+is a history of DST in the US.
+<LI><A HREF="http://dir.yahoo.com/Science/Measurements_and_Units/Time/Time_Zones/">Yahoo! - Science:Measurements and Units:Time:Time Zones</A>
+is where the famous Internet indexing service Yahoo! collects its time zone
+<LI>The <A HREF="http://www.iata.org/">International Air Transport Association</A>
+publishes the IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM),
+which gives current time zone rules for
+all the airports served by commercial aviation.
+<LI><A HREF="http://hpiers.obspm.fr/webiers/results/bul/README.html">Bulletins
+of IERS</A> contains official publications of the
+International Earth Rotation Service, the committee that decides
+when leap seconds occur.
+-- <A HREF="mailto:eggert@twinsun.com">eggert@twinsun.com</A>
+<H2>Arthur David Olson writes:</H2><P>
+A good source of information about ISO 8601 seems to be
+<A HREF="http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/iso-time.html">International
+Standard Date and Time Notation</A>
+maintained by Markus Kuhn.
+-- <A HREF="mailto:arthur_david_olson@nih.gov">arthur_david_olson@nih.gov</A>