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@@ -41,12 +41,17 @@
.Nm telnet
+.Op Fl 8
+.Op Fl E
+.Op Fl L
+.Op Fl K
.Op Fl d
.Op Fl a
.Op Fl n Ar tracefile
.Op Fl e Ar escapechar
.Op Fl l Ar user
+.Op Fl r
.Ar host
.Op port
@@ -71,6 +76,27 @@ command with those arguments.
.Bl -tag -width indent
+.It Fl 8
+.Fl 8
+option allows the telnet session to be run in binary input/output
+.It Fl E
+.Fl E
+option stops any character from being recognized as an escape character.
+When used with the
+.Fl 8
+option, this provides a completely transparent connection.
+.It Fl K
+.Fl K
+option turns off all Kerberos authentication.
+.It Fl L
+.Fl L
+option allows the telnet session to be run in binary output
.It Fl d
Sets the initial value of the
.Ic debug
@@ -110,14 +136,15 @@ This option may also be used with the
.It Fl e Ar escape char
Sets the initial
.Nm telnet
escape character to
.Ar escape char.
-.Ar escape char
-is ommitted, then
-there will be no escape character.
+.It Fl r
+.Fl r
+option allows the telnet session to simulate
+.Xr rlogin 1
.It Ar host
Indicates the official name, an alias, or the Internet address
of a remote host.