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@@ -406,8 +406,8 @@ flag sets a limit on how many dials
should be attempting before giving up.
If you don't supply
.B \-g
-the program will dial a day and forever (which my Number Theory professor,
-Dr. Mientka, says is longer than forever and a day)
+the program will dial a forever and a day (which Ian K. Piumarta, and my Number Theory professor,
+Dr. Mientka, say is longer than a day and forever)
until it connects successfully, or until you get sick of waiting and hit the
interrupt key (usually ^C).
@@ -1366,6 +1366,9 @@ Kok Hon Yin
Extensive man page formatting work
by DaviD W. Sanderson (dws@ssec.wisc.edu).
+This version of the program is obselete and no longer supported.
+Ask your system administrator to upgrade to version 2.2 or newer.
As of this writing, the most recent version is archived in
/pub/ncftp, on
.IR "ftp.cs.unl.edu" "."