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- The MI Driver - LLDB Machine Interface V2 (MI) Project Overview
-The MI Driver is a stand alone executable that either be used via a
-client i.e. Eclipse or directly from the command line.
-For help information on using the MI driver type at the command line:
- lldb-mi --interpreter --help
-A blog about the MI Driver is available on CodePlay's website. Although it may not be
-completely accurate after the recent changes in lldb-mi.
-In MI mode and invoked with --log option, lldb-mi generates lldb-mi-log.txt
-This file keeps a history of the MI Driver's activity for one session. It is
-used to aid the debugging of the MI Driver. It also gives warnings about
-command's which do not support certain argument or options.
-Note any command or text sent to the MI Driver in MI mode that is not a command
-registered in the MI Driver's Command Factory will be rejected and an error message
-will be generated.
-All the files prefix with MI are specifically for the MI driver code only.
-File MIDriverMain.cpp contains the executables main() function.
-Current limitations:
-1. Not all commands and their options have been implemented. Please see
-the source code for details.
-2. LLDB-MI may have additional arguments not used in GDB MI. Please see
-The MI Driver build configuration:
-MICmnConfig.h defines various preprocessor build options.