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+Package Overview for TestFloat Release 2a
+John R. Hauser
+1998 December 16
+TestFloat is a program for testing that a floating-point implementation
+conforms to the IEC/IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic.
+TestFloat is distributed in the form of C source code. The TestFloat
+package actually provides two related programs:
+-- The `testfloat' program tests a system's floating-point for conformance
+ to the IEC/IEEE Standard. This program uses the SoftFloat software
+ floating-point implementation as a basis for comparison.
+-- The `testsoftfloat' program tests SoftFloat itself for conformance to
+ the IEC/IEEE Standard. These tests are performed by comparing against a
+ separate, slower software floating-point that is included in the TestFloat
+ package.
+TestFloat depends on SoftFloat, but SoftFloat is not included in the
+TestFloat package. SoftFloat can be obtained through the Web page `http://
+TestFloat is documented in three text files:
+ testfloat.txt Documentation for using the TestFloat programs
+ (both `testfloat' and `testsoftfloat').
+ testfloat-source.txt Documentation for porting and compiling TestFloat.
+ testfloat-history.txt History of major changes to TestFloat.
+The following file is also provided:
+ systemBugs.txt Information about processor bugs found using
+ TestFloat.
+Other files in the package comprise the source code for TestFloat.
+Please be aware that some work is involved in porting this software to other
+targets. It is not just a matter of getting `make' to complete without
+error messages. I would have written the code that way if I could, but
+there are fundamental differences between systems that I can't make go away.
+You should not attempt to compile the TestFloat sources without first
+reading `testfloat-source.txt'.
+At the time of this writing, the most up-to-date information about
+TestFloat and the latest release can be found at the Web page `http://