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.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd June 3, 2019
+.Dd January 31, 2020
.Dt TAR 1
@@ -209,15 +209,16 @@ specified on the command line.
.It Fl Fl exclude-vcs
Do not process files or directories internally used by the
version control systems
+.Sq Arch ,
+.Sq Bazaar ,
.Sq CVS ,
+.Sq Darcs ,
+.Sq Mercurial ,
.Sq RCS ,
.Sq SCCS ,
-.Sq SVN ,
-.Sq Arch ,
-.Sq Bazaar ,
-.Sq Mercurial
+.Sq SVN
-.Sq Darcs .
+.Sq git .
.It Fl Fl fflags
(c, r, u, x modes only)
Archive or extract platform-specific file attributes or file flags.
@@ -469,6 +470,13 @@ This is the reverse of
and the default behavior if
is run as non-root in x mode.
+.It Fl Fl no-safe-writes
+(x mode only)
+Do not create temporary files and use
+.Xr rename 2
+to replace the original ones.
+This is the reverse of
+.Fl Fl safe-writes .
.It Fl Fl no-same-owner
(x mode only)
Do not extract owner and group IDs.
@@ -567,7 +575,14 @@ As above, but the corresponding key and value will be provided
only to modules whose name matches
.Ar module .
-The currently supported modules and keys are:
+The complete list of supported modules and keys
+for create and append modes is in
+.Xr archive_write_set_options 3
+and for extract and list modes in
+.Xr archive_read_set_options 3 .
+Examples of supported options:
.Bl -tag -compact -width indent
.It Cm iso9660:joliet
Support Joliet extensions.
@@ -756,6 +771,26 @@ The default is
.Ar hrs
which applies substitutions to all names.
In particular, it is never necessary to specify h, r, or s.
+.It Fl Fl safe-writes
+(x mode only)
+Extract files atomically.
+By default
+unlinks the original file with the same name as the extracted file (if it
+exists), and then creates it immediately under the same name and writes to
+For a short period of time, applications trying to access the file might
+not find it, or see incomplete results.
+.Fl Fl safe-writes
+is enabled,
+first creates a unique temporary file, then writes the new contents to
+the temporary file, and finally renames the temporary file to its final
+name atomically using
+.Xr rename 2 .
+This guarantees that an application accessing the file, will either see
+the old contents or the new contents at all times.
.It Fl Fl same-owner
(x mode only)
Extract owner and group IDs.