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-.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man 4.11 (Pod::Simple 3.40)
+.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man 4.14 (Pod::Simple 3.40)
.\" Standard preamble:
.\" ========================================================================
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.\" ========================================================================
-.TH OCSP_RESP_FIND_STATUS 3 "2020-04-21" "1.1.1g" "OpenSSL"
+.TH OCSP_RESP_FIND_STATUS 3 "2020-09-22" "1.1.1h" "OpenSSL"
.\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
.\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
.if n .ad l
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ no freeing of the results is necessary.
\&\fBOCSP_check_validity()\fR checks the validity of \fBthisupd\fR and \fBnextupd\fR values
which will be typically obtained from \fBOCSP_resp_find_status()\fR or
-\&\fBOCSP_single_get0_status()\fR. If \fBsec\fR is non-zero it indicates how many seconds
+\&\fBOCSP_single_get0_status()\fR. If \fBsec\fR is nonzero it indicates how many seconds
leeway should be allowed in the check. If \fBmaxsec\fR is positive it indicates
the maximum age of \fBthisupd\fR in seconds.
@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ can then take appropriate action based on the status of the certificate.
An \s-1OCSP\s0 response for a certificate contains \fBthisUpdate\fR and \fBnextUpdate\fR
fields. Normally the current time should be between these two values. To
-account for clock skew the \fBmaxsec\fR field can be set to non-zero in
+account for clock skew the \fBmaxsec\fR field can be set to nonzero in
\&\fBOCSP_check_validity()\fR. Some responders do not set the \fBnextUpdate\fR field, this
would otherwise mean an ancient response would be considered valid: the
\&\fBmaxsec\fR parameter to \fBOCSP_check_validity()\fR can be used to limit the permitted
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ parameters can be set to \s-1NULL\s0 if their value is not required.
-Copyright 2015\-2018 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
+Copyright 2015\-2020 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
Licensed under the OpenSSL license (the \*(L"License\*(R"). You may not use
this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy