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<![ %release.type.snapshot [
- <para>(20 May 2004) A security problem was discovered
- in <application>CVS</application> but the release notes
- did not state that since it was very late in the release cycle.
- &os; &release.prev; includes a fix for it and is not vulnerable.
- For the details, see the security advisory
- <ulink url="ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/CERT/advisories/FreeBSD-SA-04:10.cvs.asc">FreeBSD-SA-04:10</ulink>.</para>
- <para>(23 May 2004) As a side effect of closing a security problem
- related to &man.msync.2;, the <literal>MS_INVALIDATE</literal>
- flag no longer guarantees that all pages in the range are
- invalidated. This can cause problems when pages are backed by a remote file
- (e.g. via NFS) where other machines can write to the permanent storage since
- the local pages not being invalidated might then contain stale data. The
- security problem being addressed is a strictly local exploit, and only
- allows a local user to block the writing of data to a file under certain
- circumstances. Users who require the old semantics of
- <literal>MS_INVALIDATE</literal> and are not concerned with
- the security issue being fixed can set the
- <literal>vm.old_msync</literal> sysctl to <literal>1</literal>
- which will revert to the old (insecure) behavior.</para>
- <para>(25 May 2004) The &man.twe.4; driver was recently updated by the
- vendor. Problems have been reported in rare circumstances under
- conditions that are hard to reproduce. Work is ongoing to isolate
- these problems and determine their source.</para>
- <para>(27 May 2004) The &man.bfe.4; driver for Broadcom BCM4401
- based Fast Ethernet adapters has been added but the release notes
- did not mention that.</para>
+ <para>No news.</para>