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@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ display the time offset of the system clock relative to the server
clock. Run as root, it can correct the system clock to this offset as
well. It can be run as an interactive command or from a cron job.
-<p>This document applies to version 4.2.8p14 of <code>ntpdc</code>.
+<p>This document applies to version 4.2.8p15 of <code>ntpdc</code>.
<p>The program implements the SNTP protocol as defined by RFC 5905, the NTPv4
IETF specification.
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ used to select the program, defaulting to <samp>more</samp>. Both will exit
with a status code of 0.
<div class="example">
-<pre class="example">ntpdc - vendor-specific NTPD control program - Ver. 4.2.8p14
+<pre class="example">ntpdc - vendor-specific NTPD control program - Ver. 4.2.8p15
Usage: ntpdc [ -&lt;flag&gt; [&lt;val&gt;] | --&lt;name&gt;[{=| }&lt;val&gt;] ]... [ host ...]
Flg Arg Option-Name Description
-4 no ipv4 Force IPv4 DNS name resolution