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-#! /bin/sh
-# Top is very sensitive to differences in the kernel, so much so that an
-# executable created on one sub-architecture may not work on others. It
-# is also quite common for a minor OS revision to require recompilation of
-# top. Both of these problems are especially prevalent on Suns. For
-# example, a top executable made under SunOS 4.1.1 will not run correctly
-# under SunOS 4.1.2, and vice versa. "metatop" attempts to solve this
-# problem by choosing one of several possible top executables to run then
-# executing it.
-# To use metatop your operating system needs to have the command "uname"
-# as part of the standard OS release. MAKE SURE IT DOES before proceeding.
-# It will try to execute the command "top-`uname -m`-`uname -r`" For
-# example, on a sparcstation 1 running SunOS 4.1.1, it will try to run
-# "top-sun4c-4.1.1".
-# INSTALLATION is easy. Just compile top as normal. Then use the command
-# "make metainstall" (on the same machine!) instead of the usual. "make"
-# will insure that this shell script is installed correctly then will install
-# the most recently made top executable with the correct name. Remember:
-# you will need to "make clean" and "make metainstall" on every different
-# combination of sub-architecture and OS version that you have.
-exec $0-`uname -m`-`uname -r` "$@"