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@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ The accessor functions are named
.Fn XXX_w .
.It UTF-8
Unicode strings encoded as UTF-8.
-This are convience functions to update both the multibyte and wide
+These are convenience functions to update both the multibyte and wide
character strings at the same time.
@@ -141,13 +141,13 @@ The sourcepath is a pure filesystem concept and never stored in an
archive directly.
For that reason, it is only available as multibyte string.
-The link path is a convience function for conditionally setting
+The link path is a convenience function for conditionally setting
hardlink or symlink destination.
It doesn't have a corresponding get accessor function.
.Fn archive_entry_set_XXX
-is an alias for
+is an alias for
.Fn archive_entry_copy_XXX .
-.Xr archive_entry 3
-.Xr libarchive 3 ,
+.Xr archive_entry 3 ,
+.Xr libarchive 3