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diff --git a/libarchive/archive_entry_acl.3 b/libarchive/archive_entry_acl.3
index 7dcc5854ce10..50dd642c20c6 100644
--- a/libarchive/archive_entry_acl.3
+++ b/libarchive/archive_entry_acl.3
@@ -34,7 +34,6 @@
.Nm archive_entry_acl_from_text ,
.Nm archive_entry_acl_from_text_w ,
.Nm archive_entry_acl_next ,
-.Nm archive_entry_acl_next_w ,
.Nm archive_entry_acl_reset ,
.Nm archive_entry_acl_to_text ,
.Nm archive_entry_acl_to_text_w ,
@@ -89,16 +88,6 @@ Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive)
.Fa "const char **ret_name"
.Ft int
-.Fo archive_entry_acl_next_w
-.Fa "struct archive_entry *a"
-.Fa "int type"
-.Fa "int *ret_type"
-.Fa "int *ret_permset"
-.Fa "int *ret_tag"
-.Fa "int *ret_qual"
-.Fa "const wchar_t **ret_name"
-.Ft int
.Fn archive_entry_acl_reset "struct archive_entry *a" "int type"
.Ft char *
.Fo archive_entry_acl_to_text
@@ -349,8 +338,6 @@ character
are skipped.
.Fn archive_entry_acl_next
-.Fn archive_entry_acl_next_w
return the next entry of the ACL list.
This functions may only be called after
.Fn archive_entry_acl_reset
@@ -358,9 +345,7 @@ has indicated the presence of extended ACL entries.
.Fn archive_entry_acl_reset
prepare reading the list of ACL entries with
-.Fn archive_entry_acl_next
-.Fn archive_entry_acl_next_w .
+.Fn archive_entry_acl_next .
The function returns 0 if no non-extended ACLs are found.
In this case, the access permissions should be obtained by
.Xr archive_entry_mode 3
@@ -447,9 +432,7 @@ if all entries were successfully parsed and
if one or more entries were invalid or non-parseable.
.Fn archive_entry_acl_next
-.Fn archive_entry_acl_next_w
on success,