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+ChangeLog history of changes
+INDEX this file
+FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about zlib
+Make_vms.com script for Vax/VMS
+Makefile makefile for Unix (generated by configure)
+Makefile.in makefile for Unix (template for configure)
+Makefile.riscos makefile for RISCOS
+README guess what
+algorithm.txt description of the (de)compression algorithm
+configure configure script for Unix
+descrip.mms makefile for Vax/VMS
+zlib.3 mini man page for zlib (volunteers to write full
+ man pages from zlib.h welcome. write to jloup@gzip.org)
+amiga/Makefile.sas makefile for Amiga SAS/C
+amiga/Makefile.pup makefile for Amiga powerUP SAS/C PPC
+msdos/Makefile.w32 makefile for Microsoft Visual C++ 32-bit
+msdos/Makefile.b32 makefile for Borland C++ 32-bit
+msdos/Makefile.bor makefile for Borland C/C++ 16-bit
+msdos/Makefile.dj2 makefile for DJGPP 2.x
+msdos/Makefile.emx makefile for EMX 0.9c (32-bit DOS/OS2)
+msdos/Makefile.msc makefile for Microsoft C 16-bit
+msdos/Makefile.tc makefile for Turbo C
+msdos/Makefile.wat makefile for Watcom C
+msdos/zlib.def definition file for Windows DLL
+msdos/zlib.rc definition file for Windows DLL
+nt/Makefile.nt makefile for Windows NT
+nt/zlib.dnt definition file for Windows NT DLL
+nt/Makefile.emx makefile for EMX 0.9c/RSXNT 1.41 (Win32 Intel)
+nt/Makefile.gcc makefile for Windows NT using GCC (mingw32)
+ zlib public header files (must be kept):
+ private source files used to build the zlib library:
+ source files for sample programs:
+ unsupported contribution by third parties
+contrib/asm386/ by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
+ 386 asm code replacing longest_match().
+contrib/minizip/ by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
+ Mini zip and unzip based on zlib
+ See http://www.winimage.com/zLibDll/unzip.html
+contrib/iostream/ by Kevin Ruland <kevin@rodin.wustl.edu>
+ A C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions
+contrib/iostream2/ by Tyge LÝvset <Tyge.Lovset@cmr.no>
+ Another C++ I/O streams interface
+contrib/untgz/ by "Pedro A. Aranda Guti\irrez" <paag@tid.es>
+ A very simple tar.gz extractor using zlib
+contrib/visual-basic.txt by Carlos Rios <c_rios@sonda.cl>
+ How to use compress(), uncompress() and the gz* functions from VB.