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--- a/lib/gwp_asan/optional/backtrace.h
+++ b/lib/gwp_asan/optional/backtrace.h
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namespace gwp_asan {
namespace options {
// Functions to get the platform-specific and implementation-specific backtrace
-// and backtrace printing functions.
+// and backtrace printing functions when RTGwpAsanBacktraceLibc or
+// RTGwpAsanBacktraceSanitizerCommon are linked. Use these functions to get the
+// backtrace function for populating the Options::Backtrace and
+// Options::PrintBacktrace when initialising the GuardedPoolAllocator. Please
+// note any thread-safety descriptions for the implementation of these functions
+// that you use.
Backtrace_t getBacktraceFunction();
PrintBacktrace_t getPrintBacktraceFunction();
} // namespace options