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diff --git a/ldns/update.h b/ldns/update.h
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--- a/ldns/update.h
+++ b/ldns/update.h
@@ -27,13 +27,14 @@ extern "C" {
* create an update packet from zone name, class and the rr lists
* \param[in] zone_rdf name of the zone
+ * The returned packet will take ownership of zone_rdf, so the caller should not free it
* \param[in] clas zone class
* \param[in] pr_rrlist list of Prerequisite Section RRs
* \param[in] up_rrlist list of Updates Section RRs
* \param[in] ad_rrlist list of Additional Data Section RRs (currently unused)
* \return the new packet
-ldns_pkt *ldns_update_pkt_new(ldns_rdf *zone_rdf, ldns_rr_class clas, ldns_rr_list *pr_rrlist, ldns_rr_list *up_rrlist, ldns_rr_list *ad_rrlist);
+ldns_pkt *ldns_update_pkt_new(ldns_rdf *zone_rdf, ldns_rr_class clas, const ldns_rr_list *pr_rrlist, const ldns_rr_list *up_rrlist, const ldns_rr_list *ad_rrlist);
* add tsig credentials to
@@ -43,7 +44,7 @@ ldns_pkt *ldns_update_pkt_new(ldns_rdf *zone_rdf, ldns_rr_class clas, ldns_rr_li
* \return status wether successfull or not
-ldns_status ldns_update_pkt_tsig_add(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_resolver *r);
+ldns_status ldns_update_pkt_tsig_add(ldns_pkt *p, const ldns_resolver *r);
/* access functions */