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@@ -46,6 +46,17 @@ public:
/// If true and removing some text leaves a blank line
/// also remove the empty line (false by default).
+ ///
+ /// FIXME: This sometimes corrupts the file's rewrite buffer due to
+ /// incorrect indexing in the implementation (see the FIXME in
+ /// clang::RewriteBuffer::RemoveText). Moreover, it's inefficient because
+ /// it must scan the buffer from the beginning to find the start of the
+ /// line. When feasible, it's better for the caller to check for a blank
+ /// line and then, if found, expand the removal range to include it.
+ /// Checking for a blank line is easy if, for example, the caller can
+ /// guarantee this is the first edit of a line. In that case, it can just
+ /// scan before and after the removal range until the next newline or
+ /// begin/end of the input.
bool RemoveLineIfEmpty = false;
RewriteOptions() {}