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diff --git a/include/clang/Driver/CC1Options.td b/include/clang/Driver/CC1Options.td
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--- a/include/clang/Driver/CC1Options.td
+++ b/include/clang/Driver/CC1Options.td
@@ -140,7 +140,8 @@ def analyzer_checker_help_developer : Flag<["-"], "analyzer-checker-help-develop
"and debug checkers">;
def analyzer_config_help : Flag<["-"], "analyzer-config-help">,
- HelpText<"Display the list of -analyzer-config options">;
+ HelpText<"Display the list of -analyzer-config options. These are meant for "
+ "development purposes only!">;
def analyzer_list_enabled_checkers : Flag<["-"], "analyzer-list-enabled-checkers">,
HelpText<"Display the list of enabled analyzer checkers">;
@@ -200,6 +201,8 @@ def compress_debug_sections_EQ : Joined<["-", "--"], "compress-debug-sections=">
HelpText<"DWARF debug sections compression type">;
def mno_exec_stack : Flag<["-"], "mnoexecstack">,
HelpText<"Mark the file as not needing an executable stack">;
+def massembler_no_warn : Flag<["-"], "massembler-no-warn">,
+ HelpText<"Make assembler not emit warnings">;
def massembler_fatal_warnings : Flag<["-"], "massembler-fatal-warnings">,
HelpText<"Make assembler warnings fatal">;
def mrelax_relocations : Flag<["--"], "mrelax-relocations">,
@@ -285,8 +288,8 @@ def mcode_model : Separate<["-"], "mcode-model">,
HelpText<"The code model to use">, Values<"tiny,small,kernel,medium,large">;
def mdebug_pass : Separate<["-"], "mdebug-pass">,
HelpText<"Enable additional debug output">;
-def mdisable_fp_elim : Flag<["-"], "mdisable-fp-elim">,
- HelpText<"Disable frame pointer elimination optimization">;
+def mframe_pointer_EQ : Joined<["-"], "mframe-pointer=">,
+ HelpText<"Specify which frame pointers to retain (all, non-leaf, none).">, Values<"all,non-leaf,none">;
def mdisable_tail_calls : Flag<["-"], "mdisable-tail-calls">,
HelpText<"Disable tail call optimization, keeping the call stack accurate">;
def menable_no_infinities : Flag<["-"], "menable-no-infs">,
@@ -684,7 +687,7 @@ let Flags = [CC1Option, CC1AsOption, NoDriverOption] in {
def version : Flag<["-"], "version">,
HelpText<"Print the compiler version">;
def main_file_name : Separate<["-"], "main-file-name">,
- HelpText<"Main file name to use for debug info">;
+ HelpText<"Main file name to use for debug info and source if missing">;
def split_dwarf_output : Separate<["-"], "split-dwarf-output">,
HelpText<"File name to use for split dwarf debug info output">;
@@ -812,6 +815,9 @@ def fdisable_module_hash : Flag<["-"], "fdisable-module-hash">,
HelpText<"Disable the module hash">;
def fmodules_hash_content : Flag<["-"], "fmodules-hash-content">,
HelpText<"Enable hashing the content of a module file">;
+def fmodules_strict_context_hash : Flag<["-"], "fmodules-strict-context-hash">,
+ HelpText<"Enable hashing of all compiler options that could impact the "
+ "semantics of a module in an implicit build">;
def c_isystem : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "c-isystem">, MetaVarName<"<directory>">,
HelpText<"Add directory to the C SYSTEM include search path">;
def objc_isystem : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "objc-isystem">,
@@ -843,6 +849,8 @@ def preamble_bytes_EQ : Joined<["-"], "preamble-bytes=">,
"covering the first N bytes of the main file">;
def detailed_preprocessing_record : Flag<["-"], "detailed-preprocessing-record">,
HelpText<"include a detailed record of preprocessing actions">;
+def setup_static_analyzer : Flag<["-"], "setup-static-analyzer">,
+ HelpText<"Set up preprocessor for static analyzer (done automatically when static analyzer is run).">;
// OpenCL Options